[40K OSR] Thousand Sons Army (3/3) – All His Little Wizards

This is all rendered somewhat moot by the manifestation of a current 40K gaming project in a similar vein, but one does like to finish things off where one can…

With 800 points spent it’s time to look at rounding out the first 1000 point ‘block’ of the traditional 40K OSR army. I want to stick to random generation for the time being, but I also want something a bit more predictable than the usual means of rolling up Champions.

Thrall Wizards are a nice Tzeentchy compromise. You have eight dudes who’ll be replenished between campaign games, since there’s no shortage of apprentices; they have a random Wizard Champion so you still have the fun of chucking some d100s around; and they bung around a whole mess of psychic powers. Hours of fun and they cost 200 points, rounding off the first block of the army very nicely.

The Wizard Champion has the Mark of Tzeentch, which gets him a magic item (Chaos Armour that’s fused to his body, for a 4+ save and a T bonus – nice) and d3 Chaos Attributes. 3 Chaos Attributes. Two Heads is fun, Alcoholism is… detrimental, but amusing, and Mindless is…

… oh, crap. Mindless rather obviates the point of taking Thrall Wizards in the first place, since he won’t actually be able to use any psychic powers if his brains have dribbled out. Were this just an ordinary Champion I’d chalk it up to the whimsy of Chaos and have fun with it, but I can’t be bothered resolving the conflict between how Thrall Wizards work and how Mindless works, so I indulge in my first reroll and get Horns instead. I imagine him with a couple of twisted-up, Tzaangor-like heads, bottle in one hand, arcane fire coruscating around the other, trying to work out whether he should ask Tzeentch for a Boon or a packet of pork scratchings.

While I’m here, I should probably bother to learn about a few things – like how to generate psychic powers for my little wizards. To the Rogue Trader rulebook! (Page 48, if you’re keeping up…)


As a third level psyker, Allogenes can be expected to have nine psychic powers (or 3d6, maximum 10). Tzeentch is perfectly happy with nine psychic powers, that being the Sacred Number and all, and he can’t have more powers than his Int (which is 9) anyway.

Three of those powers will be the Tzeentch “spells” of the appropriate level: Boon of Tzeentch, Pink Fire of Tzeentch and Transformation of Tzeentch. I’ll randomise the rest: d3 to determine level, and d10 to determine power at that level.

Animate Weapon; Aura of Resistance; Telepathy 2; Mental Bolt; Immunity from Poison; and a duplicate Animate Weapon, which I rerolled in favour of Rout. Long story short: this fellow can bring his armour save up to an impressive 2+, send his spare weapon off to stab people up on his behalf (though it drains psi-points at an impressive rate), engage in short back-and-forth communication with other models; break enemy units from combat; oh, and he has three different ways to kill you with mind bullets, armour saves be damned.

Thrall Wizards

The Thralls’ Champion has three powers: one is always Boon of Tzeentch, and the other two are Aura of Resistance and Cure Injury. He also has 14 psi-points of his very very own.

Each of the individual Thralls has one power and d6 psi-points they can pass up to the Champion should they be needed. Let more dice roll!

  1. Mental Blow: 2 psi-points
  2. Telekinesis 1: 3 psi-points
  3. Hammerhand: 2 psi-points
  4. Mental Blow: 5 psi-points
  5. Steal Mind: 4 psi-points
  6. Cure Injury: 6 psi-points
  7. Hammerhand: 3 psi-points
  8. Telepathy 1: 1 psi-point

In case anyone’s wondering, the point of these lads is that they serve as a psychic battery for their Champion, who can throw around d6 powers per turn, either using his own powers and psi-pool or the unit’s. However, they’re very fragile, and they have to cluster up in base contact in order to pass points and powers around.

[40K OSR] Thousand Sons Army (1/?) – The Warband of Sergeant Allogenes

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Author: Jon

Sententious, mercurial, and British as a bilious lord. Recovering Goth, lifelong spod. Former teacher and amateur machine politician, now freelance writer and early-career researcher.

4 thoughts on “[40K OSR] Thousand Sons Army (3/3) – All His Little Wizards”

  1. Heh,he sounds like a Tzeentch sorcerer from Australia/Realm of Fire (same place)! Alcoholic fire-flinging magic dude, what could possibly go wrong! Is there something similar to this, but for warlords of the greenskin variety? I’m enjoying these posts greatly, you can really envision the leader of the warband and his underlings.

    In other news, tin man reinforcements arrived yesterday…

    1. There are a couple of options for Orks. Ork Chaos Champions are a thing (rules in Realms of Chaos, also appear in Freebooterz as a possible random recruitment option). The ‘proper’ army list for Orks has randomly allocated wargear and bioniks and stuff but unless you take a lot of Freebooterz you have more control over what’s in the army.

      Glad you enjoy them. I find them a bit sad but they give me something to do on rainy nights…

        1. For WFB? Same deal: Orc Chaos Champions exist, and there are random magic item options for Orc Heroes in their army list, but I’m not as familiar with the early Warhammer Armies stuff.

          I’m glad you’re entertained. That’s reason enough to keep doing them. ^^

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