[40K] #Squaduary Success Story


More dodgy evening shots under the daylight bulb, but hush ye – I eventually pulled out my finger and produced something for the multi-blog hobby extravaganza organised by Rory at Stepping Between Games.

I didn’t envisage doing any Daemons for my current army, but I got lucky with these and scored a bargain. Since building and painting them I’ve actually become a bit more enthusiastic about Daemon-wrangling in general, and can see the merit in that Daemon Allied Detachment people keep advocating for Chaos Space Marine players. The power option there is Horrors, of course, for maximum Warp Charge, but the thing about Horrors is I can’t stand anything with Warpflame. It’s a stupid rule with at least half a chance of helping your opponent out, supplying or improving one of the best defensive USRs in the game. Against the most common target type, the ubiquitous Space Marine, there’s only a 33% you’ll see something you want out of it, and I don’t like guns that buff their targets two thirds of the time.

(This doesn’t make me as angry as those italics might suggest. It’s been a long day down the words-hole, hewing hot poetry analysis straight from the molten crust of my once-fine brain, and I’m feeling a bit fried right now.)

Anyway, Nurgle daemons have a certain synergy with the boys from Nostramo – they all have Shrouded and they’ll all like Night Fighting on the first turn. A small Allied Detachment of four Heralds, for cheap Warp Charge that my Sorcerers can leech off; plus two big units of Plaguebearers, for Shrouded Objective Secured infantry who have relatively easy access to Feel No Pain; that’s honestly about it. Seems like a natural fit for the Raptor Talon Murder Talon build, which doesn’t bring its own Objective Secured infantry to the table. As to how they get there… one day when I’m not so exhausted in the brain I’ll tell you about my fanfiction and you’ll be sorry you asked. In the meantime, I’m jobbing off for a few days to run some Vampire, level a Druid, entertain some friends and generally not write anything.

Then it’s on to #MonsterMarch (what will these blogger people think of next). By co-incidence, the next month of the Tale of Gamers challenge involves a unit of big lads. I’m thinking Chaos Spawn: I’ll want one as an easy filler for Auxiliary slots and another just in case a Champion has a little moment after a challenge, so they seeem like a shoo-in. Tune in later in the month to see a) how I get on with that and b) how the Night Lords fare in their first actual battle. Ooooh.

Author: Jon

Sententious, mercurial, and British as a bilious lord. Recovering Goth, lifelong spod. Former teacher and amateur machine politician, now freelance writer and early-career researcher.

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