So, Games Workhop is doing the thing everyone’s had their knickers in a twist about them probably doing for months. At last there is something substantial to talk about rather than all that Cold War/high school “well such and such who is usually a reliable source and totally called this that and the other said it’s going to have square bases and a free blowjob for all”. You know, the stuff I hate because it’s all unsubstantiated and a shitload of effort sunk into things that do not merit this level of scrutiny. Jimmy said it best: if nerds put this much energy into anything that mattered we’d have the cure for cancer by now.

Eight has not, historically, been a good number when it comes to editions of Warhammer. Ho hee. That said, this one sounds a bit like second edition, which I like… in retrospect… but found a bit burdensome at the time, and when I actually consider trying to play it I get this hollow feeling in my heart. I hope it’s a cleaner, leaner beast than the current sprawling shambles. I hope it is to seventh edition what third was to second – in other words a triumphant “fuck off” to the sacred cows in the attempt to ease flow and execution to the point where the likes of me can actually play the bugger.

We’ll see.

In any case, it’s a bit of a kick in the eye for me, because I am in the zone as far as 40K goes. I have a dozen articles piled up in the drafts folder, nine of which are about 40K, none of which are going to be remotely ‘evergreen’ (as we say in the trade). No point in writing a rules review or a tactica if up’s going to be down by the next equinox, is there?

I’m still going to see through the Tale of Gamers, and I suppose we’ll see what happens with ref. the Horus Heresy and its rules. I’m really glad I didn’t spend £80 on Inferno or actually buy Wrath of Magnus the other day, I know that much.

I don’t propose to write a hysterical article on the four or five pearls that GW has deigned to cast before the swine (and the Swine), because that would be foolish. I’ll review a complete rules system when I have it in my hot little hands, probably months after the rest of the Internet has finished howling and punching itself in the chops. In the meantime, it’s the usual advice for new edition season.

Stop buying stuff if you’re the type who buys for rules; don’t get on the hype train; and enjoy playing with your favourite list and its rules while they’re still ‘current’ and it’s easy to arrange games.

8 thoughts on “[40K] Eighth Edition Scuttlebutt Season: Now Closed

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    1. It did. I don’t have much to say to it – depression cloud + wanting to comment on actual rules which exist rather than speculate = silence – but it’s there and I’ve read it.

      1. You and me both. When I come off of placement, work’s putting me down to 4 days a week to make room for the new staff we have, so I’ll probably be down at the nearest GW for a day game or the like when 8th hits.

        Hope you’re doing ok, I understand how depression and its cousin, anxiety, can get in the way of everything. If you ever want to chat, just hit me up over on the Book of Faces or through email.

  1. I’m kinda keenish on 8th 40k if I’m honest. Instead of keeping/acquiring 40k models to paint- see Cult Mech, beautiful models though to hell if I want to game with them. I can buy stuff to display, or at least just to paint and have looking pretty. The nurgle teasers have me…debating whether or not this “Emperor” fellow was wrong alll along.

    I can tell you now, that AoS is a great game which has depth and you need, them tictac thingies to win the day. Go back to 2015 when AoS first hit and by golly, who had two thumbs and ranted about AoS? This guy. Fast forward to now and I’m wishing I started sooner. Warscrolls feel very Malifaux-esque as everything you need to know about a unit is right there on the card/paper. None of this “flip to page 88, then to page 33, then to 54, -then- look up the section in the codex, etc ad nauseam).

    My main problem with AoS’s older brother is that 40k is far less accessible than AoS is, as in AoS we see boxes of 20-odd dudes- see Kairic acolytes (totally not 40k tzeentch cultists. Nosiree) for the same price of 10 1k sons. Ok, marines to not-marines but the point stands, yes? 2x 10 man units vs 1x 10man unit. If the scale went back to 1HQ, 2 troops, 2x mix of FA/HS/Elites and a light sprinkle of vehicles, then an army would be manageable. The video said late 2017 right? Can’t remember and can’t be bothered to re-check. All I know is that unless there’s plastic storm guardians and namesakes, then I’ll probably yell DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR!!! and suchlike. I should probably get round to flogging the skaven side of the Spire of Dawn sets on ebay to get funds ready, so the wallet doesn’t suffer.

    Anyhow, the bravery/battleshock phase in AoS has buffs and hero abilities to mitigate losing more dudes. Port it over to guardsmen, who have Commissars, such a rule could easily be: “Remove one guardsman from this unit, then this unit does not suffer battleshock until the end of the round”. Fluffy, thematic and it prevents you from losing [(Casualties + D6) – Bravery] from a guardsman platoon. Striking first on the charge is a 6th ed WHFB thing, if I recall. It suits armies that need to hit melee and brings Orks back in the fight (which really is perhaps one of the fluffiest things in 40k- Orks on the charge is well…krumpy).

    I’m not sure how vehicles would work under Aos-ification, but expect monstrous creatures to have a diminishing profile for when they take wounds. It gets weaker the more you hit it, and curbs a shitload of BS with GMC, FMC, MC and whatever friggin’ acronyms people have for 40k these days.

  2. Yeah, I saw this.

    My first thought was god-damnit, I just used some of the money I got selling models to buy Codex: Skitarii. It’s the first codex I’ve bought since the 5th edition Codex: Imperial Guard, it’s in the post on it’s way to me, and it’ll most likely be useless before I even play a single game, given my rate of play. I mean it’s not a huge deal – it’s a nice book with cool piccies and background. Just a bit annoying since I’m always so careful not to buy hobby things I don’t “need.”

    My next thought was, this is really going to mess up 30k. All those Forgeworld tomes… thanks the gods I never actually bought any.

    But my next thought was, this will probably be good for 40k. We all know it’s a mess, and let’s face it, it’s already been exploded open Age of Sigmar style when you think about it – it’s almost like *gasp* GW were slowly easing the community into it by introducing formations and stuff, and allies, and then suddenly letting go of the reins and saying hey, just take as many allied detachments as you want! This is “use whatever you feel like” in all but name.

    So as far as I can tell, this can only be good. No-one’s models are going to be invalidated, since the models are the point really. Just the way they’re organised will change, and that’s nothing new for a new edition. Only this time, they’ll most likely keep the free for all approach which means players won’t even have to re-organise their armies unless they are competition minded.

    By the way, if you want to experience some schadenfreude and a comforting feeling of not being the guy hysterically freaking out about his Warhams, go to Bolter and Chainsword and read the 16 page thread that essentially ends with a mod stepping in and saying and “what the hell, everyone stop losing their minds, I’m closing this thread until we actually know more.”


  3. I should maybe elaborate. The reason an 8th ed will really shake up 30k is that, in my local area at least, Heresy is the haven for conservative gamers who like their restricted Force Org chart with one Allies slot, and just want to play a more traditional version of 40k with their hordes of marines and giant titans, without the headache of keeping up with current 40k insanity. But Forgeworld are committed to keeping their Heresy rules compatible with mainstream 40k, so if the mainstream goes bonkers…

    Actually it’ll probably be fine, FW can just present their army organisation rules as optional :)

    1. I was considering the impact on 30K last night, as it happens, and came to more or less the same conclusion that you did. If the worst comes to the worst I am quite prepared to break out my sixth edition rulebook and encourage Heresy gamers to embrace Middlehammer as a lifestyle choice. Sadly the locals have “accounted for the prospect of eighth edition” when organising events, so I suspect they’ll roll into the current edition. Whatevs. I’ve been building these here Chaos lads as an aesthetic project as much as anything, and the same goes for their antecedents…

      1. I think building armies as an aesthetic project is the best way to approach this game, all things considered. I’ve learned that organically, over soooo many editions. If you can build a collection that looks great to you and captures the background in an exciting way, you’ll most probably be able to use most-to-all of it in games at any particular time, to varying degrees of effectiveness. Sure, at any given point your force not be optimal, but then again if you do build something optimal on purpose, it’ll inevitably not be optimal soon enough. In fact, at the rate the internet accelerates change, it’ll probably be optimal for less than a year. And then where are you? You’re on eBay, trying to sell the nerfed models you never really liked anyway at the exact same time every other optimiser is trying to sell theirs.

        This game is about immersion in the background, and the long haul creative project. They tell you that, up front, but people often don’t hear things they don’t understand. Your personalised, aesthetic collection can weather anything so long as it doesn’t violate the tone of the in-game universe too much. After a while you get a feel for what not to do, and I’m sure you’ve got it by now. Orks should be ded krumpy. Imperial Guard should have commissars and standards and all the other stuff the internet tells you not to bother with. Because it looks cool, and the studio wants it to be cool, so they’re never going to get rid of it. Chaos Marines should be reeking of magic and hideously dangerous one-on-one, tooled up with daemon weapons and everything, even if it’s “a waste of points” right now. Because it won’t always be a waste of points, and it’s cool. Build and play to the fictional universe, not ours, and you’ll be right as rain.

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