[Von Plays…] Dawn of War II, Episode 12

3 thoughts on “[Von Plays…] Dawn of War II, Episode 12

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    1. Two reasons I’m not doing III.

      One: it looks like a step back into traditional RTS territory and I’ve come to realise I don’t actually LIKE those very much.

      Two: my PC is basically last-generation and I’m not springing for upgrades unless a) more money falls through the roof or b) that sweet, sweet Patreon dollar comes through, which is unlikely given how shit I am at directing people to Patren and offering value for their sponsorship when they get there…

      1. I have the same problem. My macbook is mid-2012 so it’s really getting on. I need to put more RAM in just to play Shogun: Total War.

        Oh and what do you mean by traditional RTS?

        And I’ve been meaning to ask if Patreon works for you, and if not, why not do you think? I’m considering it for art (people keep suggesting it) but my gut says the feeling that I have to provide people content or I’m letting them down will cause me to crash and burn. At the moment I’m feeling it’s better for me to make what I want when I want, and offer it for sale when it’s ready.

        If you don’t want to talk about that here, feel free to email me when you get a chance :)

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