[Middlehammer] A Modest Proposal

I have a Cunning Plan.

It involves kidnapping Herr Doktor Shiny, after ArmadaCon, and smuggling him over the Welsh border to crash at the Castle von Von for a few days, play some games and shoot some shit and dominate the local pub quiz, and produce a couple of Middlehammer things while he’s here.

Many of my fondest memories of Middlehammer involve Herr Doktor’s Skaven and my Vampire Counts going at it like two bricks falling out of a plane. (Don’t think too hard about that simile; I didn’t.) To be honest, I’d settle for a game against his Bretonnians, if they’re nearer the top layer of cruft in his abode. I gather that he has fewer Bretonnians though, which means… options present themselves.

The Straight Game

1500 points. Nice and sober. I’d rock two Necromancers and a Vampire Thrall and put together a Black Coach to contain the dormant Vampire Count. (The Coach is the one thing that’s really missing from my army; I never owned one back in the day because they were a faff to transport, being large hollow metal models and all.)

The Last Stand

1500 points of Bretonnians. 3000 points of Vampire Counts. I get to use my Zombie Dragon, and possibly even Mannfred. Sort of a ‘battle for the pass’ kind of thing, an ambush with zombies and skeletons springing out of the ground to cut off the Bretonnian retreat. I can feel that one.

Seven Brave ‘Men’

I always liked that scenario where a handful of characters fight off their own points value in conventional army. Don’t recall ever playing it though.

This scenario works ‘well’ (or at least unusually) with Undead characters on the defending side; a cabal of Necromancers or a coterie of Vampires caught on the hop, fleeing Restorative Justice in the form of enraged knights, and hastily raising a scant force of zombies, ghouls, wolves, etecera. Perhaps it violates the terms of the scenario slightly, but it’s not as if the summonations can’t (mostly) be dispelled, and it is… strangely cool, don’t you think?

The Skirmishes

Of course, if you’re going to make a Thing out of a battle, does it not Do to extract your copy of Warhammer: Skirmish (yes, yes, the real one this time, settle your hackles) and do some little preludey things with a handful of figures? There’s that vampire hunting one, that’s not bad; there’s that one with ghouls after the battle, ‘Picking the Bones’ or whatever; there’s the authentic survival horror one, ‘Twilight of the Dead’; there’s even that one with the duelling Necromancers, which we could accomplish through the medium of remote gaming.

I mean… I haven’t asked him yet. But I reckon he’ll be up for it. WHAT SAY YOU MY GOOD FELLOW?

One thought on “[Middlehammer] A Modest Proposal

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  1. Dear Von,

    I regret to inform you I am not Herr Doktor Shiny, and thus cannot accept your challenge. I just wanted to say though that right now I sort of wish I was, and that I could. You have a friend within striking distance who is capable of both playing outdated Warhammer battles AND doing a pub quiz? I only have friends who can do one or the other.

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