[WFB] Vampire Counts: a Work in Progress

Efforts continue to prepare some sort of army for the upcoming pre-event wrangling. Fifth edition army books have been consulted; magic item cards sorted, sifted, stacked and scratched; the Tournament Battle scenario has been peered at and pored over.

In an attempt to aid the thought process I decided to dump every period-appropriate Vampire Counts model I own on a table so I could form them up into regiments and have a think, visualising the list building process (and seeing how much I still had left to paint).

Also, it made a nice opportunity for a photo opp. I realise the Age of Sigmar playmat is distinctly non-U – forgive me. My fully mag-locked foldaway 6’x4′ table has been delayed by bureaucracy, so this is the best I can do right now.

Almost everything, bar five Vargheists whose presence is not welcome at this moment in time.
The whole family, together at last! (Well, sans Konrad, who only exists in the Newhammer aesthetic and is thus confined to barracks, but he doesn’t have rules in 5e anyway.)
Long-suffering Skeleton core. They do rank up surprisingly well once you sneak a few gravestones in there.
Necromancers (enough now for a vampireless 6e army, if I so wished) and Banshees (at one per 1000 points, they may have been a testing ground for the future ‘Rare Units’ concept).
Pitifully undernourished shock contingent. Steps are being taken.
The chaff! All of these have now been rebased and repainted.
Finally, we have the Zombie Dragon, whose wing sadly came off as I was setting up the shot. Still, he looks quite snazzy on that resin base of his, does he not?

Of course, this renewed enthusiasm has bred renewed spending. Of course it has. You shut up.

At Firestorm’s October Bring and Buy I stocked up on extra plastic Knights and Wolves; I’ve also scored fifteen period-appropriate Ghouls and a second Bat Swarm base on eBay. The Ghouls have arrived, and I hope the Bats do before the test games on Saturday.

See, in 5e you can field one Bat Swarm at half price per Vampire in the army, in 6e you can field two as Core units in various dodgy theme lists. They don’t crumble when your general dies, and they’re fast without needing constant reminders of the tune to Vanhel’s Danse Macabre. Mine are the old Lord of the Rings SBG ones, because they are far more resilient than the crappy ‘stem’ swarms of the WFB range. They still look goofy, mind, but all the bats and wolves of this period do.

Talking of “things you can take two of in wacky 6e theme lists”, I’m also scouting out a second Black Coach for either the Army of Sylvania (where it’s vital to restore some of the tooth that’s lost from only having one Knight unit) or the back-of-the-book Von Carstein lists. At the moment I keep finding myself bid-sniped, but I’m holding out. I’d like it in metal, because screw resin, but people do take the piss with Buy It Now prices. The wretched thing is not Out of Production yet, chaps, kindly stop expecting three times its current RRP.

As a bonus, all this new stuff will probably give my 8e lists some more bite, so I might not even need to sully myself with Vargheists at all. We’ll have to see.

Anyway, I’m off to paint some movement trays. Tatty-bye. Who knows, there may be a battle report or two next week…

Author: Jon

Sententious, mercurial, and British as a bilious lord. Recovering Goth, lifelong spod. Former teacher and amateur machine politician, now freelance writer and early-career researcher.

4 thoughts on “[WFB] Vampire Counts: a Work in Progress”

  1. *like*

    Slightly annoyingly, I’ve realised I’m going to have to work out how best to strip paint off second hand models before I can really get stuck into building up my pile of dead dudes (I used to Nitromors stuff). And I really should go look for my Heresy ghouls too…

    1. I’ve tried brown Dettol on plastics. It works, but it smells bloody foul once you start rinsing and scrubbing. At present, the top recommendation for UK types seems to be Wilkinson’s own brand paint stripper.

      Heresy ghouls are great. I have ten and to be honest, I’d like more. I slightly regret buying those fifteen old Citadel ones: it’s mostly a matter of resilience. As single piece chunky Nineties metals the Citadel ones stand up to the rigours of the road a lot better than the skinnier multi-part Heresy sculpts, and these days it’s a long trek for me to get any games in…

      1. Ta. I’ll have a look for some of the Wilcos stuff (the stuff that needs stripping is all metal).

        I pin the bollocks off of any metal models I build, so, while it takes longer to build (and occasionally results in metal drills embedded in fingers), I get resiliency that way.

        If you’ve not seen them, have a look at the Jutes range from Mierce. Really nice dead models. Skellies and spoopy things and beetles so far. I’ve got some of the wihts (sic), which I got cheaper by buying them off their stall at Hammerhead. These things (they go on 40mm or 50mm bases, they’re not small): http://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_dkl_jut_wht_min_300_000

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