[WFB] Order of the Black Cross

Originally, my Vampire Counts bore out the observation that background happens in play, not before it.  A generic Army of Sylvania rapidly became something a bit more personal, as battles were fought across army lists and editions and even games (it must be noted that my Vampires were most successful in the realm of Mordheim, after all).  As I go forward into whatever-I-end-up-doing-now*, I want to hang on to as much of that continuity as possible.

Knights!The Order of the Black Cross were Sylvania’s token, tiny circle of Knights Templar.  Like everything else about Sylvania, they were a poor showing in the centuries before Vlad, with a mediocre record in the joust and a minimal presence in the great Crusades against Araby and occupied Estalia.  Even the ominous and looming Castle Templehof (Sylvanians are not an imaginative folk when it comes to names) was of note more for its architectural extravagance and extensive catacombs than its strategic solidity.
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