The Law of Silence, Part III

“This is staggeringly unfair,” Etoile had said when Marisa had been dismissed, and he was saying it again now as he grouched and groaned his way up the dawnward-side climb behind her. “In what kind of world does kinslaying and lawbreaking earn you a voyage halfway round the sky?” “Under sentence of death.” Marisa’s heart... Continue Reading →

The Law of Silence, Part II

Nightingale floor. Rope still outside. Give up? Forbidden. Go on? Rouse the household; break the law of silence. Marisa looked up, examined the ceiling - it was lower than she’d thought, thanks to the floor above, and the joists were exposed. One chance. Drawing the adze once more, she crouched low, swinging her arms back... Continue Reading →

The Laws of Silence, Part I

It was testament to Marisa’s training that she thought she heard her footsteps. Testament in two ways; the softness of her every footfall, the reflexive care with which she stepped on the dark flagstones, and the straining of her senses to catch her missteps, the echo of imagined ineptitude. The Family had taught her well... Continue Reading →

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