[Event Report] ArmadaCon 28 – Home Town Heroism, procedural megadungeons, and gross capitalism

They say that wizards can never go home. Fortunately, as a card-carrying storygamer Swine I reject the shackles of class-based character generation, and can go where I damn well please, so I went back to Plymouth to attend ArmadaCon's twenty-eighth instalment and do a spot of mega-dungeoning. M'colleagues on the board have spent some time beefing... Continue Reading →

Apparently this appeared in the New York Times the other day.   Judge John Hodgman on the Quest of Dungeon Master Dad Paul writes: "I have a dispute with my son’s friend’s parents. They feel that Dungeons & Dragons is inappropriate for 5-year-olds. I think the imaginative play is good for our boys, but the... Continue Reading →


Currently Pondering: Emergence vs. Determinism, although not in the usual "railroading r bad and u r bad for doin it" sense. It's more to do with how the process of designing and 'solving' encounters works. Perhaps "Imagineer vs. Prepper" might be a better dichotomy. Every so often Ben (co-host of that podcast I pretended to do... Continue Reading →

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