[Ask Uncle Von] Character Backstory

Melissandra asked:
So uhm, as I mentioned before I’ve been wanting to at least for my hunter, get a proper backstory and RP character for her, my druid and DK probably to follow later… I’m afraid it’s going to become too much trying to make three character stories at once >.>
Now, I have the general idea, but I’m not sure how to well, properly describe it. That’s my main issue with stories… The idea is there but I’m rather bad at weaving it all together into one nice write up… So I wanted to ask if you could help me? Since you seem really good at it ^^ I obviously won’t ask you to write it for me, but pointers? Things I should think about when writing it out? I often miss the little details, I think…
I don’t really want to be a “mary sue” character, but I also don’t want her to be just-another-goblin-number-65763, if that makes sense. One issue I think that I made with Tyrinne is that she’s too much of a blank state – she has a background, but where did that lead her? Being a trainee whose story makes it difficult to interact with most others. I’d like to avoid that this time… If I go too much “mary sue” please tell me ^^
The general idea I had is that Melissandra used to be a fighter in the Brawl’gar Arena, making her gold both by bets and by fighting. At one point, someone approached her, offering her a payment for killing someone they’ve had a fight with in the bar next to the arena. Before that, all of her fighting was done for sport – but what sane goblin would have denied an offer of a thousand gold?
It was a silent kill – Melissandra did not wish to ruin her reputation. A gunshot through the head at night. Melissandra claimed her gold and went on with her life as a brawler. But it quickly became obvious that word had spread; suddenly, she was asked for more killing, offered more gold… She saw the profit to be made there. She also warned her clients that if word was spread to the wrong people – people that didn’t agree with her actions – they would have a taste of bullets themselves.
She did have morals, although flawed – the gold made her believe most lies she was getting told. She would not kill innocents. It wasn’t untill one day she was cornered by a group of Darkspear Headhunters that she found out all her missions had her do just that – murder innocents. Her tasks, as she was told, were all given to her by Kor’kron. Garrosh’ Horde.
Rather than being slain, she was offered a deal. The group of Trolls had heard of her accomplishments, and her skill. Not only did Melissandra fear SHE would be killed once she wasn’t useful to the Kor’kron – she did after all threaten them, she also wanted to make sure said Kor’kron paid for making her kill innocents. If she were to slay each of the orcs that ever had her kill someone, she’d be free to go. And so, she sniped, and did exactly that.
She bonds with her animal companions more so than she would with most people – she spoils them, and in return, they’re loyal to her. She does realise, as a goblin, she doesn’t look quite as intimidating – that’s what her pets are for. Some of them… Others are taught tricks in order to give shows for small change.
She has committed herself to Vol’jin and his rebellion. She finds it hard to forgive herself for the innocents she killed, and as such won’t rest while there is Kor’kron near, and wants to show that, by aiding the rebellion with explosives, trained beasts and the occasional gunshot.
She does still kill for gold, but has chosen to only do so with wildlife – tiger fangs, shark fins, animal fur… Any part of an animal that can make her gold.

[Blood Bowl] So What’s This Blood Bowl Thing Then?

A while back I promised docbungle I’d write up an introduction to Blood Bowl and now Panzar of Whelp Slayer has been asking about Blood Bowl too.  I’ll talk briefly about the game itself, and about the Orc and Human starting teams (who represent two basic ways in which a good team is good).  There will be pictures, but they won’t be of my Blood Bowl models because they are either not painted (bad Von!) or badly painted (bad former owner!).  The pictures are all used without permission in the spirit of fair use (and promoting this AWESOME game that you presumably like if you’ve taken pictures of it) and if you want me to stop using yours you only have to ask.

So!  Blood Bowl.

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