[40K] Eighth For Eighth

Eighth Edition 40K looms and I’m back on the Eighth Legion bandwagon. Synchronicity, innit?

Well, the shiny new 40K is out on pre-order, the complete rules have been ‘leaked’ so the blogosphere can get on with calling out what’s a must-take and what’s unplayable garbage (the only unit types that really matter), and we’re back to business as usual. For me, of course, that means adamantly refusing any pre-emptive Thought Leadership and probably not even playing the damn thing until three months after release.

If you want a line, here it is: “funny how we’ve ended up back in second edition again”, what with all these movement stats and modifiers, albeit with the best of the subsequent editions – Force Organisation Charts, formal game modes for cityfighting and planetary assaults, dice-based psychic phase, and no cocking templates. Finally. “Hits d6 guys” worked fine in Cityfight and it’ll work fine here; bending double over the table, trying to centre the template, rolling partial hits… good sodding riddance. I hate those things, they make me hurt my back and strain my eyes and they generate fussiness over precision and half the time you still end up rolling a bunch of dice to see if that millimetre graze on a base counts for anything or not. Roll one die, it hits that many targets, lovely. Your resident cripple is delighted.

Anyway, I’m taking the opportunity to break out my Drakenhof Nightshade again and crack on with my Night Lords project. There was some brief uncertainty about exactly what I’d be doing with my Astartes models, but in the end I had to listen to my heart. Besides, Forge World sent me those extra chainglaives a while back (very fine customer service there), and I came into Something Big that I think I could fit in better than with Thousand Sons. Eighth Legion it is. For Eighth Edition too. See what I did there?

Here’s what I did of a lazy Sunday afternoon. Ten lads with boltguns, the backbone of the Legion, in some fairly bog-standard posing – getting an idea of the basics the kit can do.


I don’t plan on barging ahead and building every single Mark III body I possess, because there’s a lot of them…


The approximate plan here is to use the Forge World bodies and chainglaives to build some suitable squad leaders, and put together squads that’ll be broadly useful for Heresy-era gaming as well. (While the Horus Heresy is staying with the old 40K, I predict something like the lil’ red books will come along and enable people who prefer the new rules to rock those.)

Of course, they’re not going to look particularly Chaosy, but I have a fix for that; lost Legion brothers, imprisoned in an oubliette of imaginary time? Or a captured foundry world cranking out new Mark III suits for new recruits? Either works. I’ll have a hard core of more Chaos-touched Marines and break these guys out when more manpower’s demanded. (I am feeling like I might flog off the Tartaros Terminators though; I’m not especially keen on them aesthetically and goodness knows those rulebooks and Forge World transfer sheets don’t come cheap.)


Not that there’s not a lot of good stuff on there. I like the presence of a banner or two, and I like the huge ominous grim reapers too. I have a use for those in mind. See, in amongst my pile o’plastic is this little gem I acquired on the relatively cheap a while back:


This ‘un can wait though. I don’t want to have big things staring me in the face. I’ve built up a stash of stuff to work on one squad, or half a squad, at a time. It’s all very ‘mature hobbyist’. This lot’ll keep me going through the summer, or at least until I stop being interested again.

[40K] #Squaduary Success Story


More dodgy evening shots under the daylight bulb, but hush ye – I eventually pulled out my finger and produced something for the multi-blog hobby extravaganza organised by Rory at Stepping Between Games.

I didn’t envisage doing any Daemons for my current army, but I got lucky with these and scored a bargain. Since building and painting them I’ve actually become a bit more enthusiastic about Daemon-wrangling in general, and can see the merit in that Daemon Allied Detachment people keep advocating for Chaos Space Marine players. The power option there is Horrors, of course, for maximum Warp Charge, but the thing about Horrors is I can’t stand anything with Warpflame. It’s a stupid rule with at least half a chance of helping your opponent out, supplying or improving one of the best defensive USRs in the game. Against the most common target type, the ubiquitous Space Marine, there’s only a 33% you’ll see something you want out of it, and I don’t like guns that buff their targets two thirds of the time.

(This doesn’t make me as angry as those italics might suggest. It’s been a long day down the words-hole, hewing hot poetry analysis straight from the molten crust of my once-fine brain, and I’m feeling a bit fried right now.)

Anyway, Nurgle daemons have a certain synergy with the boys from Nostramo – they all have Shrouded and they’ll all like Night Fighting on the first turn. A small Allied Detachment of four Heralds, for cheap Warp Charge that my Sorcerers can leech off; plus two big units of Plaguebearers, for Shrouded Objective Secured infantry who have relatively easy access to Feel No Pain; that’s honestly about it. Seems like a natural fit for the Raptor Talon Murder Talon build, which doesn’t bring its own Objective Secured infantry to the table. As to how they get there… one day when I’m not so exhausted in the brain I’ll tell you about my fanfiction and you’ll be sorry you asked. In the meantime, I’m jobbing off for a few days to run some Vampire, level a Druid, entertain some friends and generally not write anything.

Then it’s on to #MonsterMarch (what will these blogger people think of next). By co-incidence, the next month of the Tale of Gamers challenge involves a unit of big lads. I’m thinking Chaos Spawn: I’ll want one as an easy filler for Auxiliary slots and another just in case a Champion has a little moment after a challenge, so they seeem like a shoo-in. Tune in later in the month to see a) how I get on with that and b) how the Night Lords fare in their first actual battle. Ooooh.

[40K] A Tale of Von Gamer – The Prince of Darkness


Trying something a bit different with this lad: painting before full assembly. I’ve learned from my experiences with the Helbrute that reaching past armour to do flesh is Not A Good Idea with the methods I’m using, and all of these discrete pieces are ‘separate’ from the Prince’s actual body, so there’s no need to fret about filling in gaps like I usually do.


This is what primer looks like. 22nd February. 6 days to get him done or I welch on Month 2 as well.

Speed painted over one soggy Saturday. Notice that it went dark the moment I slapped the Liquid Talent Nuln Oil on. Truly, we bring the night…


The finished product (shot under the daylight bulb at about hours 2030, hence the odd lighting). He has red hands because he’s there in case Szandor has a Little Moment at some point, and Szandor’s sinner’s hands will never be unstained. Lack of Wings for the same reason. Personally I think jump packs/wings should transfer over on a Dark Apotheosis roll, same with psychic levels and relics. Cool with losing the rest of the wargear, but jump packing Warlords and psychic levels are the sort of thing you build an army around, and it’d suck to have a Daemon Prince turn up and that ultimately cost you the game because of lost tactical capabilities.


Bonus Squaduary content: I made up way too much Dark Flesh, so I thinned it down further with glaze medium and water and started on the Plaguebearers I meant to do last week. Here they are with a layer of Drakenhof Nightshade slopped over the top of their glaze. I’m still feeling my way forward with these: some Sanguine Base will be going on their innards and I might do something whimsical with their eyes and swords, but otherwise I might leave them more or less as they are.

(Daemons of Nurgle are likely to become my go-to for Summoning and Allied Detachments: I like the way their Shrouded stacks with the Night Lords’ ability to impose Night Fighting, and it’s not too hard to slap Feel No Pain on them. Plus, you know. Four Heralds means a reasonable amount of extra Mastery dice and Biomancy powers. And they’ll pull double duty as an Age of Sigmar force, which… plays into some other projects that are in the works. At the end of the day the Night Lords are in charge of this army and if that means Tzeentch and Nurgle both have a stake in their success then so be it. Mutual enmity aside, the Powers will come when they’re called…)