[WM/H] Of Minutes and Men

If you pay much attention to Privateer Press, you’re probably familiar with their tradition of previewing upcoming models via concept art. It’s something they’ve been doing since the run-up to the original WARMACHINE: Prime, and I’ve always dug the way it points back to the company’s roots as the brainchild of a couple game industry artists. Also, having an amateur’s artistic bent, it’s nice to see the way these minis are planned out visually, giving a look at what visuals a creator had in mind before shipping it off to a sculptor in order to see it realized in 3-D.

The problem with concept art, tho, is that it’s sometimes too good – or, at least, better than the miniature that comes out on the other end. It’s understandable. Sculptors interpret concepts their own way, and often bring a lot to final product, but there’s times where I see a brilliant drawing and wonder just how it became a less-than-impressive physical object. In the case of WARMACHINE (look, PP does the caps, it just feels appropriate), the first real case of this, for me, was the Hunter. Continue reading “[WM/H] Of Minutes and Men”

[WM/H] Gates of Woe: Aftermath


A trifling five hours after we started, and two hours after the club normally winds up for the night, we were done.  Before another peep passes my e-lips, as it were, I want to thank all the lads from Dice and Decks, even Pete, for half a year of excellent games, for being so willing to give Warmachine a go, and, in the case of Robbie, Alex, Neal and cameraman Paul, for staying up so bloody late while we finished this thing.  I’m sorry I was so crotchety toward the end – I get like that when I’m tired, I’m afraid.

Thanks to you lot for reading this beast of a report, too.  It’s taken me roughly twice as long to write as the game took to play, in the end, and that’s not including the bit where Blogger et the first page.  I will be doing some sort of narrative conclusion to events, but I want to take my time over that and actually see if I can do some kind of Proper Story, detached somewhat from the game mechanics.

Anyway, some closing thoughts on the experience:

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