[DAV] A Note On Generation

In the comments to this long-ago piece of sage counsel for new 'Storytellers' (which I dug up because I wanted to link it to someone on Reddit - I don't sit around reading my five-year-old blog entries for fun, honest guv'nor), I... Hang on. This may take a moment. I made a mistake. Kris said: In Masquerade,... Continue Reading →

Four elder Malkavians play out their own version of the Omen War in a kind of shadow-Transylvania, a place which exists and does not exist in their own deranged minds and on the other side of mirrors. They are aided and abetted by ambassadors from the Seelie Court in Arcadia who have, for their own... Continue Reading →

GAME OVER – Of Vampires and Suchlike

Better late than never - a pod has been cast on Podomatic, and if you enjoyed it, you should consider joining Heather Hoover, Brian Solomon, Sam Dale and Aaron Wayman in sponsoring the next instalment on Patreon. Why do I want your money? Because decent microphones don't come cheap, and because spending six hours recording and editing something eats away at... Continue Reading →

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