[Malifaux] Little Green Men (And One Little Green Lady)

I’ve been playing Malifaux lately. The greatest attraction of the game, so far, is that I can comfortably fit my entire crew and full set of gaming aids inside the satchel I normally take to work, and still have room for a book to read on the coach.

This is not to suggest that the only appeal of the game is ‘it’s small’, far from it. It’s been fun from the word go, partly because I’m utterly incapable of taking it seriously. The wealth of options on each model’s card is compounded by the alternating activation sequence and the range of victory conditions in play at once, creating a tactical environment where I just can’t keep track of or evaluate everything – so I’ve stopped trying to keep track of everything, and just gone for what seems entertainingly destructive.

It’s not optimal, but Malifaux doesn’t strike me as a game that someone of my, ahm, limited faculties will ever be able to play ‘optimally’. The only parts I’ve not enjoyed, so far, have been the ones where I go all Warmachiney, trying to wrangle the exact positions and angles of models and exploit the precise dynamics of sequence and mechanic; those have all been quite stressful and have seldom resulted in any genuine tactical advantage. I’ve only been enjoying the games when I say ‘hang the sense of it all and blow stuff up’ – fortunately, that seems to be working out for me.

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[IKRPG] Reservoir Gobs: Scarface Ofi

Dramatis Personae

  • Ofi (Gobber Gun Mage 1, played by Ben, and then by Hark)
  • Snarf + Piggy (Gobber Arcane Mechanic 1, played by Si, and then by Hark)
  • Nikkit (Gobber Rogue 1, played by Ben)
  • Rami (Bogrin Bodger 1, played by Hark, and then by Jess)
  • Fran (Bogrin Fighter 1, played by Si)

Having rested up for a day, the titular Goblins! retuned to Thorsten’s Yard to check up on their stash, found a steamboat moored up at the jetty, and tried to sneak in and see what was what.  

“The crate emits an almost Zen sense of crateness.  If you come close to the crate, you may start questioning your life choices, and wonder if you wouldn’t be better off as a crate.”

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[IKRPG] Reservoir Gobs: Lock, Stock, and One Smoking Earhole

Dramatarse Personie:

  • Ofi (Gobber Gun Mage 1, played by Jess)
  • Snarf (Gobber Arcane Mechanic 1, played by Dave)
  • Nikkit (Gobber Rogue 1, played by Ben)
  • Rami (Bogrin Bodger 1, played by Squirrel, then Hark)
  • Fran (Bogrin Fighter 1, played by Si)

After discovering that their civilian occupations were a bit held up by the complete lack of visitors to their part of Fisherbrook over the last few weeks (no-one to rob, no-one to show off your sharpshooting skills to, no-one to mend things for), the titular goblins decided to set off for town and see if the humans had actually decided to abandon the grotty decrepit hellhole after its brief but exciting spell as a warzone earlier in the year.

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