[Blood Bowl] Tactica: Dead And Loving It

"In your head, in your head..."

The two Templehof teams represent half of a bet between two rival Necromancers, Johannes Rosencratz and Emmanuel Guildenstern.  Both swore to provide their vampire sponsor, the elusive Lord Ruthven, with the perfect Blood Bowl team to ensure his dominion over the sporting world continued into eternity.  Their difference of opinion over exactly how this was to be achieved has seen the two become sworn enemies, and each has founded a team in order to demonstrate their approach’s validity.

Rosencratz’s Templehof United have successfully leveraged their purchasing power into the hiring of up (from the grave) and coming (back from the dead) players from all over the world, including two pairs of Ghoul twins from the Plain of Bones, and two ancient Khemrian mummies who lend their millennia of experience to the modern game.  Guildenstern, meanwhile, is a passionate believer in fostering local talent; Templehof City sponsors ambitious necromancers, alchemists and bonepickers in the creation of new players from unfortunate citizens of southern Sylvania, and relies on loose, experimental plays rather than the tried and tested routines.

The two teams have an absolute and impassioned hatred for one another; the typical derby game results in the greatest number of fan casualties in the eastern Empire, and keeps the local grave-diggers, grave-robbers and grave-detectives busy for months to follow.

I have a deep love for undead factions in games, and Blood Bowl has something of an abundance of them.  But which one’s best?  The classic Undead team, with its solid set of starting skills, or the more eccentric capabilities offered by the Necromancer team?  Or is it the Vampires, with access to six superlative statlines and cheap rerolls – or the Khemrians, with… umm… whatever they’ve got?  Okay, so it’s not Khemri.  That said, I’ve played ’em all at some point in the last year and I’m going to bend your ears about my discoveries, discussing the pros, cons and league play viability of the four variants.  Team shots are all via Sons of Twilight.

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