[Von Plays…] World of Warcraft and Gothic Spaces: The Horror of Bradensbrook

In which I mash-up a lightweight academic-style paper on World of Warcraft with the whole ‘commentated playthrough’ thing, and see how it works.

This one’s something a bit different; I tried to mash up my two preferred media, the gameplay commentary and the practical criticism academic-style essay, and see how well they stuck together.

The commentary on WoW is probably a bit basic and I’m probably taking a working knowledge of Gothic literature for granted, but… you work the crowd you have, you know?

I want to do more of these, even if they do take me two or three full working days to crank out. I also want to get better at the editing; I know it’s a bit ropey, especially the voiceover (which I tried recording straight into Lightworks, and I doubt I’ll be doing that again).