I’m Von. This is my website. It’s about games.

I hate introducing myself.

Quality Vontent

This website updates as and when I have something to say. It’s been that way since 2009 and all attempts at barfing out content to suit some kind of schedule have failed.

I have a YouTube channel! It’s me being bad at RTS, RPG and turn-based squad tactics games. It updates on Tuesdays and, frequently, on Saturdays.

I also do a podcast. Occasionally.

About The Author

Sententious, mercurial, British as a bilious lord; goth as fuck; vaguely autistic, confirmed manic-depressive, semi-crippled shut-in; likes undead, demons and abominations against all that is good and pure. Generally plays necromancers.

When not playing necromancers, I work as a freelance writer, independent researcher and (sigh) content marketer. I used to be a teacher but gave it up ’cause it was driving me insane.


Some of the things I like about this blog are that Von writes when he feels like it, so there’s no sense of urgency or posting for the sake of posting that you sometimes get with some other blogs.  Every post has been written because the writer actually wanted to write about it.  Another thing I like is the unashamedly intellectual writing style, and the complete disregard for journalistic length limits.  Von doesn’t care if you have a short attention span or can’t digest big words.  He just writes what he writes, conventional blog wisdom be damned.  And I’m very glad for it.

James S